“Music Lessons Will Travel was the best option for my son and our family. Not only do you get the convenience of lessons at home but also your house is filled with music! Andrew is super talented and my son is very comfortable with him and his teaching style!” Lisa Wright – guitar student, Franklin, TN

“Andrew Hooker is a great teacher and a talented musician. He is really able to connect with me and help me work toward achieving my musical goals. There is a difference between a great player and a great player who is also a great teacher. Not everyone has the ability to effectively convey what they know to others. Andrew has that ability. I came farther as a player and musician during the first 6 months working with him than I had in the 6 years prior. If you want to become a great guitar player, and take your ability to the next level, don’t pass up an opportunity to work with him.” John Gholston – guitar student, Nashville, TN

“We had other guitar teachers before Andrew Hooker. And while my son was learning to play guitar, he wasn’t enthused about playing. Andrew fixed that in short order. He had my son playing songs within a few weeks of starting lessons. He is both a talented musician and patient teacher. He seems to have just the right combination of inspiration, motivation, and discipline that keeps my son moving forward. Jake now looks forward to his weekly guitar lesson!” Jamie Winer Jones – guitar student, Franklin, TN

“My 13 year-old son has taken guitar lessons from Andrew Hooker for over two years now. He was a beginner and I can’t believe how much he has learned in 2 short years! He picks out the songs he wants to play, so he enjoys practicing and learning them. My 9 year-old daughter started guitar lessons a few months ago as well. She’s working hard on her chords and is excited to begin learning Taylor Swift songs. My favorite part is that Andrew comes to our house, which means no driving and more time for me! Andrew is a great talent, both in music and in teaching.” Jennifer Handshy – guitar, Franklin , TN

“Andrew Hooker works great with my kids, teaching them guitar and drums. I am excited to have musical lessons for my kids by an instructor who has the level of skills and accomplishments Andrew has. He truly has a passion for the music and the lessons he brings his students. The time he saves me by coming to my home is priceless.” Charlotte Stremler – guitar, drums, Franklin, TN

“I’ve been taking piano from Andrew Hooker for some time, and I am really pleased with the level of growth I have seen. Not only is he a friendly, easy person to work with, but he is also great at teaching new concepts. I like that we cover both classical and popular music in our lessons, as well as technique and music theory. The variety of the lessons keeps me interested, and I never feel like I am stuck or bored. Perhaps what is most amazing to me is his ability to hear a song and be able to comprehend the intricacies of the tune within moments. For example: I can play a song I like from my iPod and he can then begin teaching me how to play that song in the same lesson. I’ve learned numerous songs that way which helps develop my listening ability, but he also has increased my ability to quickly read sheet music. I’m really grateful that I decided to take lessons from Andrew, I think it has made a great impact in my playing.” Jared Reinfeldt – piano, Franklin , TN

“Andrew Hooker is a very talented player and teacher. He really listens to his students, to see what their interests are in playing and learning. I’ve had other instructors that just try to ‘process’ the next student, without seeing where they are and where they want to go. I highly recommend Andrew’s services, you can’t go wrong!” Michael Stabin – guitar, Bellevue, TN

“Andrew Hooker is a prime example of a magnificent teacher. He is very experienced as well as extremely knowledgeable in his subject and delivers the material clearly and makes it easy to understand. Andrew is very kind hearted and quickly became a family friend that we were happy to let in our home every week for four years. I have been a student of many teachers before I met Andrew and have been around many at my job however, I can honestly say that Andrew is the best I have met.” Dave Howe – guitar and piano, Franklin, TN