Guitar Lessons

There is nothing more exciting than loud electric guitar! Everyone at one point or another has dreamed of playing guitar, and behind closed doors probably even rocked some serious air guitar! With Music Lessons Will Travel as your instructor, we are here to make your dream become a reality. We accept all ages, and all levels of playing. Whether your taste are rock, blues, country, jazz, acoustic, or electric, we’ll get you playing your style of music in no time!

When To Begin Taking Lessons

For all beginning guitar students, we recommend a starting age of 10 years old. So why 10 years of age? The guitar and any string instrument for that matter, is very physical. When playing guitar, you are using muscles in your wrist, and hands in ways that you’ve never used before. There is a window of 1-3 months where a beginning guitar student will develop calluses on his or her fingers. Guitar requires a lot of muscle memory. In order to play songs, you must be able to switch guitar chords in time, which requires strong hands and calluses. This can create frustration in the beginning stage, but patience, discipline, and lots of practice, pay off. That’s why it’s our job to make the lesson fun and inspiring from day one!

Start With The Basics & Advance Quickly

We are of the teaching philosophy that in order to teach an instrument, you not only must be able to demonstrate, but you must also be able to convey what you are teaching. At the beginning of each lesson, we take the first 30 minutes, and focus on fundamentals of the guitar. Basic fundamentals include: string and pick technique, fret-board knowledge, scales, chords, arpeggios, playing good time and rhythm, and tone. We then quickly turn around and apply these fundamentals to a song of the students choosing. It’s one thing to be able to play a scale, but can you apply it in a musical context? We have the ability to get you playing a song in your very first lesson.

To sign up for guitar lessons, please give us a call! 615-397-9634