Piano Lessons

Piano, developed around 1655, is often referred to as the backbone of all music. It is the most versatile of all instruments, and is as at home in a solo performance as it is in a band or orchestral setting. Unlike the guitar and other string instruments, the piano is physically less demanding.

We Teach All Ages and Levels

Music Lessons Will Travel offers piano lessons for all ages and levels — starting at age 8 and older. (The student must be reading in school in order to take piano lessons.) We offer musical courses focused in classical and contemporary styles. If you’ve played piano at one time, it’s never too late to pick it back up again!

Lesson Structure

All lessons are divided in half, so for an hour lesson we devote 30 minutes to technique and the remaining 30 minutes playing actual music. Basic technique includes: good posture, hand and finger technique, scales, chords, arpeggios, rhythm, playing good time, ear training, reading, and music theory.

Covering All The Bases

We strongly encourage reading music as well as playing by ear. Having both tools makes for a stronger player, and accelerates the student’s learning and musical journey. Whether your goal is to pick out your favorite ‘Coldplay’ song by ear, or play Beethoven’s ‘Moonlight Sonota’, Music Lessons Will Travel can put you on the right path to becoming a great piano player!

To sign up for piano lessons, please give us a call. 615-397-9634