Drum Lessons

Who doesn’t love drums! They’re loud, energetic, commanding, and get people up and dancing. Drum beats like Queen’s “We Will Rock You” are staples at sporting events, and many people have been spotted at red lights rocking drums to Phil Collins, “In the Air Tonight”. There is no denying, drums are simply FUN!

All Ages & Styles

Music Lessons Will Travel offers drum lessons for all ages and styles. We recommend a starting age of 8 or older, and the student must be reading in school. Our approach to teaching is a mix of basic fundamentals, understanding the importance of time, and applying all of this in a musical context. Basic fundamentals for drums include: proper stick technique, rudiments, proper foot technique, developing independence (using both legs and arms), reading drums music, and learning different grooves and styles of music. All basic fundamentals are then immediately applied to a metronome to develop a good sense of time. Once the student has a good understanding of these basic techniques, we then apply all of this to the student’s song of choice.

Learn To Play Like Your Drum Heroes

Whether your goal is to rock your favorite Foo Fighter’s song, drop huge back beats to Led Zepplin, or shuffle along to Stevie Ray Vaughn and The Black Keys, Music Lessons Will Travel will put you on the right path to playing your favorite style of music!

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