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in Franklin, Brentwood, Bellevue, and Thompson Station, Tennessee. Click below to learn more.

Guitar Lessons 

Electric rock, blues, country and jazz guitar to acoustic finger-style folk guitar.
Lessons available for ages 10 & up

Piano Lessons

Focusing on classical & contemporary styles, reading and technique.
Lessons available for ages 8 & up

Drum Lessons

Learn the basic fundamentals of time, technique, groove, and reading.
Lessons available for ages 8 & up

Clarinet Lessons

Get ahead in school band developing better breath support, embouchure, and sight-reading.
Lessons available for ages 12 & up

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Featured Student – Lia Milionis, September 2, 2015

Each year, I select 2 top students from my lessons program. These students are chosen to be featured for their accomplishments and talents. The featured student is given the opportunity to record in a world-class recording studio and be accompanied by pro studio musicians. The student leaves the session with a mixed audio CD version, and the final video is posted on YouTube.  All featured student episodes are recorded and filmed at The Cave Studios in Leipers Fork, TN.

Please welcome our first featured student, Lia Milionis. Lia started taking piano lessons at age 8. When she began, she had no reading or playing skills. Now at age 12, she is reading and playing Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, pop and contemporary musical styles. But it doesn’t stop there for Lia…… Now she is even writing her own songs and splitting her lesson time between piano and guitar. The video here showcases Lia performing a piece that she composed and arranged entitled, “The Melody of My Mind”.

To sign up for lessons, please call: 615-397-9634

Thank you, Andrew Hooker


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