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Guitar Lessons 

Electric rock, blues, country and jazz guitar to acoustic finger-style folk guitar.
Lessons available for ages 10 & up

Piano Lessons

Focusing on classical & contemporary styles, reading and technique.
Lessons available for ages 8 & up

Drum Lessons

Learn the basic fundamentals of time, technique, groove, and reading.
Lessons available for ages 8 & up

Clarinet Lessons

Get ahead in school band developing better breath support, embouchure, and sight-reading.
Lessons available for ages 12 & up

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Skype Music Lessons

Featured Student – Erin Shanahan “Home Sweet Home”, July 3, 2017

Each year, I select 1 student from my lessons program. That student is chosen to be featured for their accomplishments and talents. The featured student is given the opportunity to record in a world-class recording studio and be accompanied by pro studio musicians. The student leaves the session with a mixed audio CD version, and the final video is posted on YouTube.  All featured student episodes are recorded and filmed at The Cave Studios in Leipers Fork, TN.

Please welcome my second featured student, Erin Shanahan! Erin is 14 years old has been studying guitar in my lessons program for almost 2 years. When I first met Erin she only knew a few guitar chords, but she had a real natural talent for the instrument, and she showed very early signs of excellent technique and mechanics. After a few months, I not only noticed that she was taking to the guitar with great ease, but she had a strong sense for melody and creativity. I later found out that she was writing songs! For Erin’s feature video, she chose to record and perform a song completely penned herself, entitled “Home Sweet Home”. I am extremely proud of Erin and all of her hard work and accomplishments! I see a very bright future down the road for this young musician. Enjoy!

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Thank you, Andrew Hooker


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